Like a Trend

Oh, what’s wrong girl?

You can’t stand your man?

That’s not what you said

Back when he was in

You say he’s boring, he’s lame

Yet, you look outside yourself

To dodge the blame

Skinny jeans came full circle

Neon and ruffles

Decades pass yet they

Make their way back into our wardrobe

You trained him

From dream boat, to plumber, to mover

Now he’s more than humble

He’s at your beckon call

But still you treat him like a fumble

You wonder what to do with this worn man

You used him until he was faded

And yet you can’t see

That you are the reason

To be so jaded

That man is classy, he’s timeless and worthy

Remember in the beginning,

When he was like your trophy?

Make amends with that man

For he is more than just your friend

Dust him off and love him like a trend

All those things that used to make sense

Were taken for granted at his expense

Reinvent, revisit, rethink and renew

Before you know it

You’ll love him more than you used to



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