We can be
the greatest love story
ever told
over the moon
Out of the park
One in a million
Kind of spark

I want you
to claim you

To love you

To trust me

To give you the world

But painfully reminiscent
of a life you once held
are the words

I wish to guarantee

If only
you’d clear the memory of her
for this world with me

I fear that because you fear
what is unknown
that you fail to see
what can be done
with some hope
of our own

Through foggy mirrors you fear me
for nothing of my doing
you break it before
you buy it
a firm no
refusing to try it

Yes what once was forever
became short and brief
it entailed happiness
and ended in grief

Victim to her trigger
suddenly shattered

Broken and battered
and no longer the man
that once mattered

I see through the panes of your soul
screaming from your eyes
this sad story

Once lived and never told

Our souls collide
every time our lips meet
forever happy
is just within reach

I see you
for what you were
who you are
and what you will be
broken, healing
and complete


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