No Different

Girls are clingy, they bicker and fight

Leave me with the boys

With them I am tight

I hate all the drama

I’m not petty or catty

Those girls don’t squash nada

I’m different baby

Their track record speaks

Of everyone’s problems

Not me, you should know

I’m different, right

They make their case,

Overhype their problems

Who me, not at all

These girls are not like me, baby

They expect the world

To grovel at their feet

No not me I’m different, unique

Didn’t I tell you, I’m different, maybe?

I get it, we are all part of an unspoken bond

Women for women

Sisters in god

But I can’t be like them

They’re too different, right

I won’t turn a cheek

If of me, something they need

I’ll face the obvious

We’re no different, maybe

We choose our own hang ups

We dwell on the past,

Forget your neighbor’s drama

And live your life like it’s your last

No one is perfect, not one special gender

Stop judging other girls as if you are any better

If you realize the difference

Maybe you’re right

Look at yourself baby, you’re different and so am I

By: Me (Johanna Arroyo 12/23/2012)


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