The heart finds 
What your right mind
Refuses to decline

You set your sight
Right here right now
It seems better anyhow

Suppressed inclinations
For a plus one at destinations

Afraid to leave It all to chance
You rush into romance

Things go sour hearts are torn
Sadness becomes the norm

Questioning your judgement
You say that love is blind
Forgetting altogether
That it was an illusion of your mind

delimit your sight
Just to keep from admission
that it was your mind rushing
to make your hearts decisions

Every single heart ache
Is worth a lifetime of lessons
To open once bonded eyes
And see that love is actually clear

(A very rough draft written on my phone….love is blind is an overly used expression…it’s an excuse for poor choices and I believe that love is quite the opposite…when it’s real it’s real, crystal clear. When you love someone things are not always perfect, we are adults and we learned this early on. However; when you find the only conflict of interest is that you both wish to put one another above all else and you consciously do what you can to make sure that either is happy…this is real. Love can be short lived or eternal but lies equally as powerful in both. Sometimes people walk away because staying causes more harm than good…sounds contradictory but love in my opinion is inevitable but is also a matter of choice. Choose to love yourself above all and the rest will fall into place…maybe not when you want it to…but certainly when it is meant to.)


3 thoughts on “20/20

  1. Although you say that poem is a very rough draft I enjoyed it. I also agree with your statement that love isn’t blind its crystal clear.

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