You can

Hopes are low, aims off
Too many C average lives
They’ll say you can’t do it
It feels like a knife

Because someone once couldn’t
And failed to think twice
Cold hearted tough love
Seemed to be right

Brush it off and set the stage
Show them what its like
To fight for it
And do things right

The doubt of those
Who turned their backs
Not realizing
One step closer
Is where it was at

They look at you
With a question in their eyes
They cast their own doubts
It’s hard to realize

They quit seconds
From the finish line
They let someone else
Make up their mind

Little girl
Don’t get your hopes up
You’ll be disappointed
You can’t do
What they didn’t
You’ll fail, I know it

They’ll be surprised
Share blank stares
No there is no way
She took advantage
Of our missed chances

Become a giant
Among many men
Ignore the chant
Of failed attempts
Show them you can
And re-trend the trend

Become a leader
A new norm of the century
Recapture the hope
Of a child, it’s rudimentary

They’ll dare to impose
Upon those who will
Surpass their hopes
Create a yes for a past no
You aimed high when they aimed low

Little girl you can’t
And won’t ever give up
Not for lack of a choice
But for the fact that
You have one

Choose to give up
And someone else has won
Choose to never give up
And who knows
You may inspire them
To do what once
was thought undone

By: Me (Johanna Arroyo, March 25, 2013)

*another late night poem on my cell phone


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