For the bread and butter
Of children, life stands still

Most mothers and fathers
Giving life up, at will

They do it, for their babies
As no other will

Put food on the table
Nor take care of the bills

Paycheck to paycheck
Penny pinching for meals

As dreams sit on back burners
Waiting to be fulfilled

A dignified position
Over childish wishes

Teaching our children
To balance their dreams
With monetary discretions

What about your past
Bright eyed child ambition

To break the cycle
Of setting visions
On high financial disposition

Clear balances
Cookie cutter means
Lack the substance to fulfill
Once sought after dreams

Greed, desperation and
Lack of inclination
Plants the contraindications
To our seeds

Break the cycle
Cash out your doubt
And put the balance in dreams

Teach your children
That individuality is gold
Unlike mass pay checks
Spent before they’re owned

Love what you do
And you’ll be happy for free
For no money will replace
Dreams that became calamities

By: Me (Johanna Arroyo, 4/4/13)


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