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I believe in supporting anything that benefits anyone and does not inflict harm or endanger the betterment of others. There is very little I get angry about but the deliberate negativity toward people I love, know, and respect is intolerable on my part. As a person I realize that I have hypocritical tendencies…I teach my son not to use profanity but I do, does it make me a bad person, I hardly doubt it…but I am not alone in these habits.

Gay marriage, is not traditional according to some I understand it and I greatly appreciate the people who have a, “to each their own,” mentality, but I won’t stay quiet because I have a choice and I choose to voice my opinion.

Lets take a walk down memory lane…

Think about all you who are female, you wouldn’t have a voice or a choice in the matter if it were not for your bra burning predecessors. So consider yourself the old gay!

My non-white friends, do you realize that the minority race was considered anyone that was non-white. Today the minority definition is still the same however dominates in the population regardless of being a, “minority.” So with that said, gay, is the new minority, no matter the color!

We support rights, we quote the constitution but there is no clear definition of marriage in the constitution! Perhaps biblically, but we are not a country united by one religion, we are a colorful county with an abundance of different beliefs.

If we were to streamline everything, what religion wins? Christianity…why, because it is the majority?

Well, if we must instill the rules of the bible to govern our country, lets not forget the other commandments that have not been applied.

Yes laws punish murderers and crooks, that is of course is there isn’t any reasonable doubt that deems it admissible.

But adultery, fornication…

I had my son before I was married, in fact I was never married. I’m not alone.

So will I be the next gay? Will some unconstitutional rule, dictate how I parent or if I parent at all? Because certainly I’d have to have the child because according to the rights that people are trying to take from me now, I won’t have another choice.

I adore my son and would never have an abortion, could extenuating circumstances have changed that, certainly.

So while people are out there supporting, “traditional,” marriage, think about how traditional you really are.

I support gay marriage, I’m not sorry if you don’t.

(I figured I would post this on my blog in lieu of recent events, this was a FB post a few weeks ago).


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