1 + 1

It’s been almost two weeks since the kiss that changed everything for me. It made everything that felt like a dream my new reality. It was a perfect kiss that required no guidance. It felt as if I had kissed those lips before yet all at once it felt unlike anything I had ever experienced before. I still lie in bed looking at the ceiling wondering how this all happened. How of all the places and people in the world, I found this person that carries my whole entire world in his eyes. All of my questions are rhetorical, I don’t really need an answer as to why because being with him makes all the sense in the world. When I’m missing him I look at his pictures and it feels amazing to know he isn’t just words in a message or phone conversations. He is very real and has my heart gripped with the jaws of life that is his stare and embrace.

I replay all of our moments in my mind and sometimes the memories get so real that I forget he isn’t going to be here lying in the pillow next to me when I look to my left. I miss that sleepy little smile and the kisses on my forehead when I looked over at him. Our week together flew by in the blink of an eye. It’s the happiest I have ever been and I miss that feeling everyday. It’s arduous to be apart and feels impossible to handle but no matter the distance, the hope holds me through. Our day will come again and before I know it his hugs and kisses will be present and no longer just another memory.

Beautiful memories is what I have for now, moments I’ll never forget of our firsts and the nerves that led up to that first kiss. Two strangers in theory that felt like they knew each other a lifetime. I wouldn’t change a thing, the first face to face I love you and everything that followed. He is my happiness and my love. Nothing feels impossible when he is around.

Je t’aimerai pour toujours mes yeux brillants


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