One Day

She sat upon a dream sometime Afraid to bring it back to life Awaiting for one day She kept The dusty little dream at rest So abandoned she lie On the cutting room floor Surpassed nine lives Yet dead again once more If not by her lips To reintroduce her to life Imagined in thought … Continue reading One Day


Hey Stranger

I see a glimpse of you, In the shadows of stranded hair, a glimmer of hope, despite past despair  Just a short time ago, there was nothing left, but ashes and memories, from the hole in your chest But now I can see it, Through the glow in your eyes, You block out all the … Continue reading Hey Stranger


I remember it clear The moment in life When fear & anticipation aligned It's when I found out You'd be mine Minor details failed to matter Criticism, backstabbing Crowd fodder and chatter Feelings consumed My every choice Tear stained pillows Instead of rejoice An inclined challenge Though I wasn't prepared I suddenly found courage Because … Continue reading Hazel