There is no stutter

in the words that I write

There is little fear

not even a fight


I feel I say I scream

From mountain tops

indented phrases

elapsed in thought


No holding back

Once silent murmurs

The light of day they see

Words formerly unheard of


No coward stance

behind closed palms

Nails are strengthened

no more clenched jaws


The fear of failure

Is not even a thought

as soon as pen touches paper

fearlessness in foot


what makes you stutter?

what holds you back?

rejecting rejection

before it begins


Paper can crumble

it can be torn down

Yet it is a release

Of all my thoughts


To scribe is my calling

No matter the doubt

Every word I’ve written

Has somewhere to be found


By: Me (Johanna Arroyo 2/18/2015)


One Mans Garbage

We wake up
Day after day
Ruined from our past

Dusting off old memories
Back stabs and
Shards of glass

Collecting pieces
Of broken plates
Knee deep in other’s mistakes

Today is a new day
It is fair to say
But the news replays
What occurred yesterday

Recycled garbage
Is served up brand new
You think you found a bargain
But they’re worn in shoes

Take a walk in them
And see what you find
Perhaps that old mans garbage
Is yours to shine

A very rough draft By: Me (Jo Vazquez 12/9/14)


I remember it clear
The moment in life
When fear & anticipation aligned
It’s when I found out
You’d be mine

Minor details failed to matter
Criticism, backstabbing
Crowd fodder and chatter

Feelings consumed
My every choice
Tear stained pillows
Instead of rejoice

An inclined challenge
Though I wasn’t prepared
I suddenly found courage
Because of those who didn’t care

Their judgmental glances
Above holy scriptures
Took place of guidance
With negative lectures

A minor, a child
They sold me quite short
I let them be, I didn’t retort

Years went on and here I am
No longer sixteen and pregnant
A grown woman raising a man

Now he is a boy
Not yet full grown
I would risk it again
To become the woman I know

Forever in debt I will be to my son
He is my biggest cheerleader
I’m his number one

Little does he know
I’m a fan too
Of this little boy
Who is more than the color blue

He taught me how selfless and helpless we are
When the world has a bigger plan
To create who we are

I love you my Jonathan
For I see in your eyes
A speck of hazel
And dreams that will never demise



Stepped aside
After a humiliating fight
Nothing left of my pride

You said that a we
Stood between
My false reality and your dreams

This can’t be
You and me
Only room for goals and things

I thought maybe
Love would be enough
But you scared me away with honesty love

Extraordinary life
That’s what you said
Is what you wanted instead

My heart grew attached
Of the idea of you
But you were something borrowed and I blue

I swore I was right
To fight so long
But now I lie in the memory of wrong

I hurt in vain, I believe this much
From extra to ordinary
You’ve gone my love

But sometimes I’m wrong
In life you see
Just never about you and me

With me I know
It’s never too late
To reconnect and dance with fate

When you give up
I’ll help you win
Shine a light when things get dim

I ran once in fear
But not too far
You’re the brightest, my hearts star

I know your worth
A thousand miles
I’m waiting forever, don’t ask me how

My heart stops
At the sight of your face
I wish to kiss and embrace

I’m here patiently waiting
Wishing I could have lied when I said forever
But I wouldn’t believe me if I tried

No other beating heart will do
See I’m not kidding
My only cure is you

Like a child in a car ride
Are we there yet? Never
Never must end before forever

When all dust has settled
And the timing is right
We’ll get our souls to reunite

By: Me (Jo Vazquez)


Cashed out, broken and back to zero

The girl behind the makeup
The one with tremendous heart
Once hunted as if endangered
Now treated like over-stock

The perfect pelt for his front
Used and replaced at his discretion
No longer interested in her seduction
Tossed out of his collection

The perfect pray of love deprivation
She did anything for him
Didn’t realize her captivation
Was satiating his disease

The soul mate she sought
Is a species endangered
She wanted limited edition
He sought to fulfill his needs

Blind to his arrogant nature
Never fulfilled expectations
Of his insatiable greed
For fine dimes replaced every week

Poached and dismembered
She became for this man
Unaware of her disposition
She gave her love for free

By: Me (Johanna Arroyo) 4/14/14