Paging Dr. Jo

Long before I was twelve years old, I always said I wanted to be a surgeon. I was raised by my mother—who spent a great deal of the time outside the house working. I am the youngest of four, with the smallest age gap between my siblings being 4 years, the oldest two are 8 … Continue reading Paging Dr. Jo


Resist resisting to exist

I think that as people we often find ways to get in the way of our happiness and blame it on self preservation. I get it, no one wants to be hurt. But when you're living on the sidelines, how happy can you be as a spectator? I've never been the type to shy away … Continue reading Resist resisting to exist

Love Shouldn’t be Blind

We are all different, but there are some of us who feel a bit more peculiar that others. I am one of those people. Being different makes me happy, even if it makes me stand out. That is why I feel that the phrase, “love with your heart and not with your eyes,” makes no … Continue reading Love Shouldn’t be Blind