Hey Stranger

I see a glimpse of you, In the shadows of stranded hair, a glimmer of hope, despite past despair  Just a short time ago, there was nothing left, but ashes and memories, from the hole in your chest But now I can see it, Through the glow in your eyes, You block out all the … Continue reading Hey Stranger



There is no stutter in the words that I write There is little fear not even a fight   I feel I say I scream From mountain tops indented phrases elapsed in thought   No holding back Once silent murmurs The light of day they see Words formerly unheard of   No coward stance behind … Continue reading Calling

For those of us starting over. . .

There is this crippling certainty of what we don't want. We spent over a decade in a relationship knowing what it's like being attached to the hip to someone. The very same someone who once knew us better than anyone else and yet never seemed to remember after countless conversations that, "no thank you, I … Continue reading For those of us starting over. . .