Dive in, the Waters’ Good

Take the plunge
Calculate the risk
Resist resisting to exist

The waters’ fine
To each, yours or mine
Nothing concrete to define

Like the crashes of waves
Unplanned motions of fate
Our emotions penetrate like suns set ablaze

Lovers fear predatory intentions
Afraid of dipping into past discretions

Though there are plenty
Fish alike like you and me
It’s inevitable they seem to see

The palpable fear
Hinders the silhouette
Of those paired by fate

The post traumatic history
Encounter of sharks
Fail to give the many fish of the sea a fresh start

By: Me (Johanna Arroyo, 5/29/13)


The Pink Slip

No matter how hard we try in life, all of our relationships end up much like a career. No one knows in the beginning how a relationship is going to end. However; at some point things take a different turn. We realize that we are no longer interested in that job. Or that you are doing more than you are getting paid for. In some instances we start a job as a means to an end or as a stepping stone to our true career path. No matter the situation I have come to realize that no matter how amicable the ending is. No matter how much all parties agree to disagree, there is always going to be water cooler talk. Someone is always going to say there was foul play regardless of what the individuals say out loud. In the end the truth always comes out, whether you are a slacker and are just getting by until the bitter end. No matter how insignificant your job is, it will always be the next step toward improving yourself and getting closer to what you really want.