I la la la

For some time now I’ve done everything in my power to ignore my heart. It’s not the best alternative but listening to my brain keeps me from going through heart break. I know that we all think we are alone but truthfully there are so many of us that cope the same way.

Break ups are terrible and like any normal human being I minimize the feelings once shared. Things that were once stated to be once in a life time are categorized as ordinary, only because I was afraid to admit that what I’ve lost was worth a damn.

How do you get things back to the way they were if you come back together? How do you get the dynamic back once it’s been lost? Do you try as hard if you’re given another chance? Do you hide and retreat in fear because in just a few months you’ll find yourself alone again? I have no idea…love isn’t taught it’s experienced and I am not an expert.

Love is like buying a pair of shoes in the wrong size. You can grow into it or you can fall into it…none more or less valid than the last.