“I May Be a Little Bit of a [Love] Dealer!”

I sat and looked at this blank screen for a while, trying to make it into something. Blank pages almost seem like a brand new start. I can take things where I want to, to a place I have never been before. I guess the same can be said about new relationships, or I suppose the development of a friendship that could become something tangible. So you give it a go, you take a step forward. There stands this person with a blank slate, you know nothing about them and you very quickly and easily decide this one is going to be different. The risk will be worth taking because it is something you have never tried before. . .but see the difference is when I write, I can take things exactly where I want to but in matters of the heart, I am left with very little choice. Before taking my most recent leap of faith, my giddy little heart whispered, “you break you buy.”

Well,where are we now?

We. . .me & my heart

. . .long story short, you get what you pay for. I won’t say that I am heart broken but I can say I feel like I am at a loss. Every time we take a photo, a little bit of us goes away with it.  That memory and moment captured will never be duplicated in life again. Much like the warm embraces and quick glances shared among two people. They go away and cease to exist when you’ve parted ways.



Stepped aside
After a humiliating fight
Nothing left of my pride

You said that a we
Stood between
My false reality and your dreams

This can’t be
You and me
Only room for goals and things

I thought maybe
Love would be enough
But you scared me away with honesty love

Extraordinary life
That’s what you said
Is what you wanted instead

My heart grew attached
Of the idea of you
But you were something borrowed and I blue

I swore I was right
To fight so long
But now I lie in the memory of wrong

I hurt in vain, I believe this much
From extra to ordinary
You’ve gone my love

But sometimes I’m wrong
In life you see
Just never about you and me

With me I know
It’s never too late
To reconnect and dance with fate

When you give up
I’ll help you win
Shine a light when things get dim

I ran once in fear
But not too far
You’re the brightest, my hearts star

I know your worth
A thousand miles
I’m waiting forever, don’t ask me how

My heart stops
At the sight of your face
I wish to kiss and embrace

I’m here patiently waiting
Wishing I could have lied when I said forever
But I wouldn’t believe me if I tried

No other beating heart will do
See I’m not kidding
My only cure is you

Like a child in a car ride
Are we there yet? Never
Never must end before forever

When all dust has settled
And the timing is right
We’ll get our souls to reunite

By: Me (Jo Vazquez)